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Today is family room reveal time!


Since I redesigned our Living Room last fall, our family room has been neglected somewhat as we spend most of our time in the Living Room.  Today I am revealing our FAMILY ROOM as part of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE hosted by Calling it Home.  I redecorated the room about a zillion time in the past, but we never made any significant changes to the room, up until now. The room was pretty sad and dark as I had this huge media center against the entire wall. What did I think when I bought that huge piece eight years ago? Phew! We also had this ugly cream color on the wall and to be quite honest with you,  I was sick of it for a long time. But ya know…painting an entire room takes time and effort, so we always said: “Awh., gusyit’s OK for a few more years”.

FullSizeRender (2)
I have been working SO hard on this room in the last five weeks. I was deep digging in projecting and thrift store shopping guys! I have not bought any new piece of furniture to the room, but a beautiful area rug ( learn more about it HERE), we made a fantastic built-in shelf, I created a wall hanging and painted a large abstract wall art.

Below you can get a recap of each week’s posts.






I love the ORC as it makes me finish an entire room in 5 weeks, but I have to confess that I also always feel a big weight on my shoulder during this five week period. When I create my room plans, I have no idea if the room will ever look like my original plans or which direction will the whole makeover go so it’s always exciting to see the result.

The plan I made five weeks ago was this below.

And yet, I pretty much stayed on board with my makeover this time. The only thing I did not get, or add was a yellow chair. But I already had a gray version of that yellow chair, so it all made sense to keep that in the room.


So today is the big REVEAL day, which is always my favorite part of the ORC, of course, as I get to show off my fabulous room I designed. I love to decorate, and I feel that having a stylishly decorated home is important.
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And now, get ready to see lots of textures, layers, wooden accents, and pop of colors throughout the room.


Family Room Reveal (27 of 50)

Did you JUST say HOLY COW?

I hear you whispering it on the other side of the monitor, don’t you?  That’s what I am telling myself every time I walk into this room. Seriously.

I can hardly believe that it is the same room, guys! The room got so much more spacious, feels larger, brighter and airier.

The first thing we did was that we painted the entire room with BEHR Ultra white. What a change. Now I know that you can not go wrong with BRIGHT white walls. Nope! Then I decided to paint the whole fireplace with ultra white as well. And I am so glad I painted it. It only took me a few hours and a few glasses of mimosas:-) White is the way to go!

Then I decided to paint the whole fireplace with ultra white as well. My husband was looking at me with the weirdest face when I came out with my plan, but then he nodded his head when I kept asking him if we should paint the brick fireplace with white paint. We both were extremely pleased with the white fireplace at the and of the day. It only took me a few hours and a few glasses of mimosas to paint it:-)

Watch this short video of how I decorated the room before you scroll down to feed your eyes:-)

Family Room Reveal (16 of 50)

Family Room Reveal (1 of 50)

I sold my giant white coffee table for $50, and I got this pretty awesome LANE mid century table for $50. When I placed the table in the middle of the room it felt little too small ( after having that giant table there) but then my eyes got used to it pretty soon and I started loving the look. WHOO-HOO! Craiglist is the way to go my friends. It always worth to look ! Remember that fun mid century chair I got for my living room for $50? And the mid-modern dresser for $75 that I nicely recovered? Loving all these pieces!

Family Room Reveal (26 of 50)

My most favorite thing of the entire room is the built-in shelf. It’s incredible that adding those shelves around the fireplace made this room look SO much larger and SOO different.

Learn how to make your own BUILT -IN SHELVES here.

Here is a quick  VIDEO of how I styled these shelves.

Family Room Reveal (38 of 50)

I found some fantastic shelfie fillers at Goodwill ( YAY for that) as I had personal items but they did not quite fill all the shelves.  I also made my own art decorate the shelves as well as the mantel.

Family Room Reveal (12 of 50)

Family Room Reveal (5 of 50)

Family Room Reveal (4 of 50)

I was so glad when I found this large pendant light up in the attic. I already forgot that I had it. It was hung in my dining room few years ago, and I think it is just the perfect addition for this family room, don’t you think? I see it as a good balance in the middle of the room. I was gonna get a lamp, something LIKE THIS but then I decided not to invest into a new lighting. Maybe later.

Family Room Reveal (19 of 50)

Family Room Reveal (30 of 50)

Family Room Reveal (34 of 50)

Family Room Reveal (14 of 50)

So this fiddle leaf fig tree…This fiddle leaf fig tree had to come home with me. Now to keep it live:-)

I have been on the hunt for EVAH! I ordered one small one for me from HOME DEPOT ( you can find a large 6′ faux one, too)last year and it looked great, but I was dreaming about a larger size. Like the one I finally found. Someone told me about a florist place here in Richmon, VA and I went to check out the place. Wow! I spend like 2 hours there, feeding my eyes. I love greens and plants. Although, I can’t take a good care of them. Unfortunately. This large fiddle leaf fig tree had to come home with me. Now to keep it live:-)

Family Room Reveal (42 of 50)

So here is the story of the art. If you go back to THIS POST, I shared a photo with a different styling on my mantel. I styled the mantel with different sized art pieces and smaller decor items, and it did not feel OK. I think because the shelves around the fireplace are too busy I had to go with a simple LARGE wall art. So I made one. I shared a video of how I made it on FB here. But if you don’t feel brave enough to try, I would be happy to custom make any ABSTRACT ART  for you! (e-mail me at placeofmytaste dot ymail dot com).

Family Room Reveal (46 of 50)

Family Room Reveal (47 of 50)

Family Room Reveal (44 of 50)

Family Room Reveal (49 of 50)

shop the post

Family Room Reveal (33 of 50)

Family Room Reveal (50 of 50)

Well, it was a lot of photos, but I hope you enjoyed them.

The breakdown of my spending:

As I mentioned earlier, I did not invest in any major furniture pieces as I did not have the budget for it:-)

PAINT: $70

BUILT -INS: $300

RUG: $250



COFFEE TABLE: $50 ( I sold my old one for $50)

BAMBOO SHADE: (2x): $30







A good room reveal can’t be shared without the mandatory BEFORE AND AFTER, right? So here it is, you guys!

before after

I can safely say that I am ready for my mimosa! I can’t wait to put up my feet and relax in this fun, bright room with my fam! I love the eclectic vibe, all the wicker and wooden accents and of course, the pop of colors. ♥

If you care to see my previous room makeovers, check them out below.



living room reveal (1 of 1)-6

Cheers for a great day!


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  1. Wow! I just love what you did to this room. It reminds me of my living room in a lot of ways. The old paint color was a similar yellowy-cream that made the room feel dark. It looks much brighter with the new coat of light gray paint. Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. Beautiful place! I’m moving in a few weeks and am planning on something similar! Would love to know where you got the hanging basket for the plant? I have 2 kitties so I’m on the hunt for ways to incorporate plants while keeping them out of reach 🙂

  3. What a beautiful transformation, Aniko! Those shelves and the white fireplace – just gorgeous! Love every little detail. I have been eying that bamboo mirror, and you are just making me want it even more. You did a wonderful job and your photos are just perfect!

  4. I love the transformation!!! Could you share the source for the rug? I have a thing for rugs & this one is beautiful!

  5. Hi Aniko, Beautiful transformation. The room looks welcoming.Are those Ikea Karlstad sofa? I’m in the market for new sofa and have Karlstad on my list.Would appreciate some reviews.

    1. Thanks a bunch, Sally. It’s the Stocksund sofa, not the Karlstad. I got new covers for my sofa just recently( from Comfort Works).I LOVE the sofa. It’s comfortable,easy to pull off the cover and wash it if I need it. And the sofa looks pretty stylish, too.:-) Get it, girl!

  6. So you know I got to pop over to see this fabulous transformation! The before and after are like two extremes! Compared to your other room transformations, that family room before was really something! But I guess we all have those not so pretty spaces in our homes right? I might have one or two or three. . . . But anyway, your family room is so beautiful now. I love how bright and light the space feels and all your touches of accents. That rug and the light you forgot all about is really making a statement!

    BTW: I have two of those bookshelves that I was about to sell – I think I am gonna keep them. What an awesome idea to turn them into built-ins!

    1. Zan, you are right. We all have those rooms for sure. And looking at that BEFORE is definitely telling me that we needed this makeover:-) We could not be happier with the result. And yes, do not sell those Billy Bookcases! They are PERFECT for built-ins!! Thanks for stopping by to check out the room, I appreciate it! Best!

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