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CHRISTMAS TREE BASKETS- The best baskets to use for a Christmas Tree stand

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Last year I shared how to put a Christmas Tree in a basket, and so many of you love and visit that post that I thought today I share some of my favorite baskets I found on the net that can be used as really pretty Christmas tree baskets.

Baskets online

I just love the look of having a basket as a Christmas tree skirt. Well, sounds silly…It’s not a skirt, but you know what I mean. Just having a basket as a Christmas tree stand is a great idea. No, I did not come up with it! I am not sure who did but I know I started seeing it a few years ago on the net and I started using in my own home two years ago, and I probably will keep it because I love the look so much.

It creates a very unique touch to the look of the Christmas decor. And it very much fits my decorating style.

I, for one, love me some baskets.

I have not one, not two, but a gazillion baskets.

I use them as “planters,” use them to store my throws, use them to store toys, my macrame cords and so on!

The basket I purchased last year is a large basket, and the great thing about it is that I can use the basket after Christmas as a storage basket. I don’t need to hide it for a year and dig it out the next year like I have to do with all the other Christmas decor.

Do you hate to put away all your Christmas decor after the holidays? Because it’s not my favorite thing for sure …oh well, we have to deal with it regardless.

The picture below is from a few Christmas ago (I still crush on this Natural Christmas Decor!), I might have the same setup for this season.

So before you get to my favorite baskets, be sure to READ on the HOW TO PUT A CHRISTMAS TREE IN A BASKET POST!

My advice is to purchase a large basket.

A rather shallow one than tall one. I tried to stand my tree in a taller basket and it kind of look awkward.

The size of your tree also matters. I never have a HUGE tree ( we always get a real tree though!), so for me it was OK to get a medium size tree stand.

So first things first!

  1. Get the right size of a Tree stand.  An inexpensive one.
  2. Then get large enough basket that will fit your tree stand.

The baskets below are all larger size baskets.

What do you think?

Basket or No basket?

Let me know what you think!!:-)

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